I like poetry that's accessible and hope you do, too.
Denise Beck-Clark
"To have great poets there must be great audiences, too" ~ Walt Whitman

Denise Beck-Clark is the author of a narrative nonfiction book, CONCURRENT SENTENCES:  A True Story of Murder, Love and Redemption, New Horizon Press (2000).  She has written numerous essays, some of which can be found in her blog as well as short stories and novels.  Denise has also written poems throughout her life.  She retired as a social worker and psychotherapist in 2011.  She lives in Yonkers, New York, with her son, Raphael.

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From My New Book

“So the sleeper is on a wild and busy journey
During sleep, wishing it could be otherwise”

(from Oh For Peaceful Sleep)


“Mourning for the plumpness
Of youthful encounters, for the
Freshness of shining eyes and
Slender limbs…”

(from December Scourge)


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